Vinyl Tile Flooring, Mooresville, NC

We are here to help with your vinyl tile flooring needs in Mooresville.

Vinyl Tile Flooring in Mooresville, North Carolina
Tile flooring is very popular, especially in bathrooms and kitchens, since tiles resist mold and bacteria growth and won’t absorb moisture. But some types of tile are breakable and can crack if you drop something heavy on them. Replacing broken tiles is expensive and time-consuming. Instead of investing in tile flooring that can become damaged, check out vinyl tile flooring options at Professional Floor Covering & Cleaning. Vinyl tile flooring is extremely durable and easy to clean. It’s ideal for use in commercial spaces that get a lot of foot traffic, since you can simply run a mop over the top to restore the flooring to its previous appearance. If you run a hospital, health care facility, or other space that has the risk of contamination or dangerous spills, vinyl tile flooring is a great option.

Our team at Professional Floor Covering & Cleaning is here to help with your vinyl tile flooring needs in Mooresville, North Carolina. Visit our showroom to see the flooring materials up close on weekdays from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. or make an appointment to stop by on weekends. If you’d prefer to have one of our flooring experts come to your home to make recommendations, we offer free in-home consultations and estimates. With more than 20 different brands of flooring to choose from, you can easily find the option that fits with your needs. We can also handle the installation process of your new flooring, and we always perform a quality check after completing the job.

Vinyl Tile Flooring in Davidson, NC