Carpet Repair, Mooresville, NC

Call us for quick and professional carpet repair for your Mooresville home or business.

Carpet Repair in Mooresville, North Carolina
Damaging your new carpeting is about as frustrating as finding that first scratch or ding on your new car. Luckily, our experts here at Professional Floor Covering & Cleaning can take care of your carpet repair so it looks brand new. So don’t worry if you dropped a plate of pasta or the cat thought you were so kind to put in a wall-to-wall scratching post.

  • Cleaning – Our carpet repair cleaning team has the experience and products to remove stains and pet odors from your carpeting. Our specialized enzyme treatment is very effective when used with our hot water extraction process. You get a deep-down clean that goes beyond looking good– it is also fresh and sanitary
  • Damages – We can help if your carpet repair involves damage to the carpet rather than dirt or stains. Our 5,700 square foot showroom has a huge variety of carpet, so we are confident that, in most cases, we can match your carpeting with a repair section. If there is a problem matching, we give you the various options, so you can make a decision about how to proceed. In some cases, we can take a piece from a closet or other out-of-sight area. If the entire room needs to be replaced, we can do that too.

You can count on us for quick response, even if you need carpet repair right away in Mooresville, North Carolina. In fact, we offer 24-hour emergency service when needed, such as to resolve water, fire or mold remediation. We have been cleaning carpets for over 20 years, and our hands-on business owner will make sure your carpet repair is done professionally and effectively. Call us today for all your flooring needs – at home or at work.

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