Floor Cleaning, Cornelius, NC

Our owner is hands-on to make sure our floor cleaning services in Cornelius are always up to his high standards.

Floor Cleaning, Cornelius, North Carolina
Have you ever wondered how someone who doesn’t know about all the types of flooring on the market today can still offer floor cleaning services? Here at Professional Floor Covering & Cleaning, we wonder about that, too and offer you a better solution. As a company that handles flooring sales, installation, replacement, and repairs, we have the vast knowledge about the best way to clean a wide variety of floors. This means great results, as well as avoiding damage to your floors.

Of our floor cleaning services, the most common is carpet cleaning. You will find these services to be an exceptional way to keep your carpet warranty in place and extend the life of it, as well. Carpet manufacturers recommend an annual cleaning, and some require actually require it. This should always be done by a professional to ensure that it is done to their criteria, which may include reapplying a stain resistance product after performing the floor cleaning.

We have more than two decades in the flooring industry, including performing quality carpet care, so you can be confident that your flooring is clean, healthy, and preserved. Not only do we have a full staff of experienced professionals, but our owner continues to be hands-on to make sure our floor cleaning services are always up to his high standards.

If you have questions about floor cleaning or would like a quote for getting your flooring to look its best, don’t hesitate to give us a call. You can also visit our 5,700-square-foot showroom, particularly if you want to know more about other flooring options when it comes time to upgrade your Cornelius, North Carolina home’s flooring.

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